Guesthouse, b & b, former Hotel Manchester, Lincolnshire, breakfast included, pets welcome


All £3.75

Home made cream of Stilton Soup -  that lingers! Served with a warm roll. Full of taste!

Chicken Chaat -
Slices of prime chicken fried in spices with  delicious lemon and corriander and served with salad! Even the kids love this dish!

Smoked Salmon and prawn pattie -
Served with salad, a real taste tingler of a starter!

Main Meals
All £8.00

Penne Pasta -
Served with our own home made Pesto sauce, with a topping of smoked sausage or mushrooms for the vegitarians and sprinkled with gated Italian cheese. We all love this dish and feel sure you will! Problem is you can't stop eating it no matter how full you feel!

Haddock Rarebit -
Bisc base filled with haddock and topped with cheese sauce made to our own special recipe! Well what can I say, due to protest and arm twisting it is back on the menu just to please all of you who loved it so much!!

Steak Pie - Deep filled home made steak pie with pastry base made to our own recipe. We would not dare ever take this off the menu!!

Welsh Faggots - Dont be confussed with the traditional faggots, these are made with pork and are very meaty, served with our own rich onion gravy. This is a good example of a traditional recipe, and I for one love them.

Spiced Mushrooms - Some may consider this to be a mushroom curry!! The mushrooms are cooked in spices with a little liquor and then sreved topped with corriander and a bowl of rice. Having practiced this dish for years, I prefer it to some meat recipe's so decided to put it on the menu for you to decide. This is a medium hot dish!!

Grills - Well it is only fair to include grilled meats and we have a selection of Chicken, Pork, Rump steak and Gammon for those who prefer, or feel like something more health concious!

All £3.75

Bakewell Tart - Well this is our own home made version of this much debated pudding. We think it is very good, try it for yourself!!
This is
Ice Cream Sundae - very popular on those hot summer days so go on let yourself go!

Appricot and Apple Crumble - We have been asked by a good selection of our customers to keep this lovely pudding on for another year, so try it out yourself and see why!!

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